Behavior Toolkit- 18 Visuals to Support Students with Autism (DIGITAL DOWNLOAD)

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Behaviors got you beating your OWN head against a wall? Ready to implement strong visuals with students who have behaviors and not sure where to start? This is just the printable for you! Address student behaviors with this multifaceted behavior toolkit. It is the perfect way to access essential visual supports and behavior tools as you support students in your self-contained unit or inclusion classroom.

What You'll Get
This 43-page digital download comes in a .pdf file with the following:
  • Daily Work Schedule & Checkmark Icons
  • AM/PM Daily Schedule & Check Mark Icons
  • Visual: I need a break (2 versions)
  • Break Card: 10 Breaks/5 Breaks/3 Breaks
  • Breaks Break Card: Visual Choice Icons
  • Visual: I want (2 versions)
  • Visual: I need help (4 versions)
  • Visual: Ready to Work (Y/N) - Large/Small Format (4 Versions)
  • Visual: My Rules & Support Icons
  • Visual: Communication Necklace First - Then Charts (2,3,5 Step) & Support Icons
  • Token Economy Chart: I Am Working For (3 & 5 step) & Visual Icons
  • Bonus: Token Economy Tokens (hearts, cars, Pokemon, and basketballs)
  • Parent Behavior Note Home (Weekly & Daily)
  • Positive Notes Home (8 versions)
  • Positive Rewards Punch Cards (16 versions)
  • Student Self-Evaluation with Visual Icons
  • ABC & Interval Data Guidelines and Sheets
  • BONUS: 9 Schedule Icons in Black and White (two size sets) with English, math, science, social studies, breakfast, lunch, dismissal, change, and specials.

You hear it all the time - you need more visuals in your classroom to support your students with Autism and those with behavior concerns - now you can get all the visuals you need to implement a great behavior system and properly manage problem behaviors all in this essential toolkit.

Who Benefits from this Product:
If you are a teacher who is working in an Autism Unit with Special Education students you will love this essential toolkit because it will give you tons of tools you absolutely need!

This toolkit comes with visual supports to help in the classroom, behavior tools to guide student behavior, and positive reinforcement tools to promote good behavior. 


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