Calm Down Corner Kit- Printable Strategies for Behavior and Autism Units (DIGITAL DOWNLOAD)

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Supporting students as they work through their emotions, like anger, frustration, boredom or anxiety is essential to intervention before negative behaviors in an Autism Unit, Special Ed classroom or in Self-Contained. This printable toolkit is full of strategies, posters, tools and activities that help students learn to self-regulate and cope.

What You'll Get in this 54-page PDF:


  • 11 Area Posters: Calm Down Corner (2), Calm Down Area (2), Calm Down Zone (2), Quiet Corner, Cool Down Area, Cool Down Zone, Zen Zone, and Regulation Station
  • Calm Down Kit- Bin Labels (Color and Black & White)
  • I am Feeling Poster/ Chart- PRO TIP: Print TWO as a Matching Activity!
  • I Am Feeling Poster (5 point scale)
  • Calming Techniques Poster- Can also use as printable icons for “I FEEL- I CAN” Printable
  • I Am Calm When Poster (Color and B&W) with Icons for Matching


  • Printable Cool Down Passes (6/page) for students to access the area
  • Printable “Time to Calm Down” Passes for Teachers to give Students (6/page)
  • ‘I FEEL- I CAN” Printable to Guide Students in the Calm Down Area
  • “My Calm Down Sequence” Visuals (5-step and 3-step in B&W and Color)
  • “Calm Down Sequence” Visual Icons (Color and B&W)


  • Count to Ten Visual with Number Icons (Color and B&W)
  • Count From Ten Visual with Numbers (Color and B&W)
  • BREATHE Visual with Icons (Color and B&W)
  • 24 Yoga Stretch Poses (as Ring Book- printed 4/page in B&W)
  • 4 Printable Easy-Cut Puzzles (Color)
  • Puzzle Template to Make Your Own


  • ‘How Am I Feeling’ Writing Page (with drawing box and without)
  • Student Reflection Sheet with Visual supports
  • Contingency Map (Color and B&W)

This Calm Down Kit is a lifesaver as you redirect negative behavior and teach positive replacement behaviors.

🎉Who Benefits from this Product:

  • Special Education Teachers
  • Autism Unit Teachers
  • Self-Contained Classroom Teachers
  • Anyone seeking to create a positive and supportive learning environment

Download the preview and transform your classroom into a haven for emotional well-being. Order your Social-Emotional Learning Kit today!




⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Extremely satisfied! – James H. (6-9 Special Ed)

“Very useful resource! Easy to use, extremely informative (gave the behavior info to my aides to look over😀) and well thought out. Thanks!!!”


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Extremely satisfied! – Melissa W. (K-3 Special Ed)

" This is a great resource to use. It not only has words but visuals as well that will greatly help all kids that are unable to use their words when they are upset.”


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Extremely satisfied! – Crystal L. (K-5 Special Ed)

"This has been a great resource for creating our calm corner in our special education small group classroom and for equipping the TAs with visual supports for inclusion”


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