Classroom Helpers - Student Jobs for a Class Chore Chart [Digital Download]

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Effortlessly establish, organize, and manage classroom jobs throughout the school year. Struggling to keep your classroom neat and students engaged? Solve the chaos with these 70 colorful Classroom Jobs! If your students are leaving a mess or you’re overwhelmed with classroom chores, then classroom helpers is your solution to promote responsibility, inclusivity, and hassle-free classroom management.


Are you looking for ways to improve your classroom management?

This Classroom Helpers resource offers several student jobs that you can easily implement. By using student job cards, especially in special education, you improve student accessibility and inclusivity.

PLUS you’ll build a classroom community, improve their social skills, and develop a sense of ownership over one’s learning environment.


 What You'll Get 

  • 70 classroom jobs with engaging graphic icons.
  • Job application template for student involvement.
  • 5 fillable job cards for tailoring to your classroom's unique needs (just type in the PDF file).


Check out the PREVIEW file to see exactly what you are getting! Like what you see? Purchase the full activity today and work smarter, not harder!


 Who Benefits from this Product 

  • Special Education Teachers
  • General Education Teachers
  • Elementary & Secondary Teachers
  • Inclusion Specialists


If you are a teacher who loves promoting student responsibility, fostering an inclusive classroom, and simplifying classroom management, this resource will help you:

✅ Empower students of all abilities to take ownership of their learning environment.

✅ Create a sense of community and belonging among your students.

✅ Effortlessly manage classroom tasks, ensuring a well-organized and engaging learning space.

✅ Tailor classroom jobs to meet the unique needs of your students and classroom dynamics.



K - 12th


Life Skills, Classroom Management, Classroom Community


Activities, Printables, Task Cards




12 pages