Coffee Cart- Classroom Business Guide and Visuals for Vocational Training

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Coffee Cart COMPLETE Setup Guide and Essential Printables -
Everything you Need for Autism Unit or SpEd Vocational Classroom Enterprise!

Are you wanting a fun, functional, and profitable vocational training activity for your students in Life Skills, Occupational Training, or Vocational Programs? Have you heard or seen all the GREAT outcomes associated with a Coffee Cart for students with disabilities? Then this is the product for you!


What You'll Get:

This 75+ page resource comes with the following:


  • 4 Page Coffee Cart Setup Guide
  • Buying Guide
  • Editable Parent Letter for Cart Startup (via Google Drive)
  • Editable Proposal Letter for Principal/Director (via Google Drive)


  • 5 Branded Coffee Cart Signs with Cart Name
  • 5 Branded Employee Name Tags PLUS Editable Version (via Google Drive)
  • Editable Name Template via Google Drive
  • 5 Branded Employee Paychecks PLUS Editable Version (via Google Drive)
  • Editable Name Plate Document (via Google Drive)
  • BONUS: New for 2022, editable signage and materials to customize YOUR store name!


  • 12 Coffee Cart Job Posters with Job Descriptions
  • 12 Quarter Page Job Visuals with Job Directions
  • Grading Rubric
  • Student Job Report


  • Poster with Start of Day Visuals and Procedures
  • 4 ‘Great Workers’ Rule Posters (Color and B&W)
  • 3 Pages (46 icons in total) of Visuals for Labeling, Support, and Scripting


  • Loyalty Cards - 2 Versions: Buy 9, Get 1 Free
  • Coupon for FREE Coffee 3 Coffee
  • Advertising Posters (See Preview)


  • Student Weekly Time sheet
  • Student Paycheck Register
  • Order Sheets (half page) - 2 Versions
  • Schedule with Editable Name Cards
  • Star Employee of the Month Poster
  • Star Employee of the Week Mini Poster
  • Coffee Cart Printable Ledger
  • PLUS Google Sheets Editable Version

You will have EVERYTHING you need (except the coffee) to get your cart started! Best of all, with so many editable options, you will be able to make it your own. Remember you will need to have access to Google Drive to edit the files with the same font.


Who Benefits from this Product:

If you are a teacher who is working in an Autism Unit with Special Education students, you will love this activity since everything you need to get started is already made for you!

This set comes with posters and advertisements, job descriptions and grading rubrics, and setup guides PLUS enterprise activities like this one are great for class morale and student independence! 


Coffee Cart Guide and Printables © Ayodele Jones 2018, updated in 2020 and with digital additions for 2022. All rights reserved by author. The materials in this unit were distributed and intended for single use only. The purchaser may reproduce copies for students in your classroom for classroom use only. You may not share with other teachers in your building, district, or otherwise. Redistributing, editing, selling, or posting this item (or any part thereof) on the internet is strictly prohibited. Violations are subject to penalties of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Additional licenses can be purchased for multi-use at a discount. Please contact the author at