Core Vocabulary Flip Book- AAC for Emergent Users in SpEd and Autism Units (DIGITAL DOWNLOAD)

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Core Vocabulary Communication Flip Book - AAC for SpEd and Autism Units
Need a low-tech and easy way to start developing language in a student with AAC needs? Looking for something more dynamic than a standard old 12-box board? This is it!
This Core Vocabulary Communication Flip Book is a great support tool develop a way to communicate wants, needs, and learning with students who have Autism and those with multiple profound disabilities, including the nonverbal. This is functional and mobile communication system for students- It is portable, easy to access, streamlines the communication process, and is easily leveled to meet your student’s needs! This core board uses 192 of the most frequent vocabulary words in the English Language- that covers 80% of oral language! What’s more, it also has a qwerty keyboard page for students to work on spelling as well as a math page with numbers 1-20 and calculator symbols. You can use this across all classes!
Included in this printable 9-page digital download are:
  • 192 Core Vocabulary Words in line with Clinical Applications
  • Categories Included: Verbs, Feeling/Body Parts, Description Words, Things/Nouns, Calendar/Time, Colors/Shapes
  • Directions for Printing and Assembly
  • 26 Letter Icons in a Qwerty Layout
  • And Numbers 1-20, +, -, x, ÷, =, and $ symbol.
With this Core Vocabulary Communication Flip Book, the design allows for you to start with one section of the board and target the First 20 Core Words (most frequent in AAC learners). As a student develops, the board will grow with them. You can add more pages of the flip system as they need it or as it supports your instruction.
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