COVID 19 - Coronavirus Social Story for SpEd or Early Elementary (DIGITAL DOWNLOAD)

COVID 19 - Coronavirus Social Story for SpEd or Early Elementary (DIGITAL DOWNLOAD)

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Product Description

Printable social narrative all about COVID-19 (Coronavirus) to ease anxiety, understand the symptoms, and learn the best way to keep those in the community from getting sick. Perfect for younger and older students with Autism to teach appropriate behavior by using scripting and modelling to improve behavior!

What You'll Get:

  • 15-Page Social Narrative
  • 6 Visual Icons to use for a Comprehension Check
  • 2 Pages of Comprehension Sorts for *What can happen to people who get COVID-19? and *How can I hope stop COVID-19 from making people sick?

Target Behavior is to wash hands often, cough and sneeze in an elbow or tissue, and practice social distancing. 

When it comes time to build social skills and appropriate school behavior, Noodle Nook social stories are a must have!

Who Benefits from this Product:

  • Special Education Teachers
  • Teachers in Autism Units
  • Self-Contained Teachers with Students who have Disabilities
  • Service Providers who need to address behaviors and social skills
  • PLUS General Education Teachers too!

If you are a teacher who works with students who have disabilities and you’re trying to build social skills and socially appropriate behavior, then this is for you! 

If you teach students who are elementary aged, or even older students, this social story is perfect for you. The characters are gender and age neutral as well as placed in settings that are not age specific. If you are in high school, middle school, or elementary and are working on this target behavior, then this is for you!

When you write social skills IEP goals and need something to build from, this is perfect since it comes with a comprehension check activity that can be set up in a work station, used in large group, placed in a center, or used as a small group activity. It is perfect for you!


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