Daily Warm Up for Calendar Skills & Personal Information in Autism & Life Skills

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Daily Warm Up - Practice calendar skills in special ed and early elementary with visual supports!

Are you working with students who need lots of review of calendar skills and personal information? Then you need this in your classroom!

Daily Warm Up is the perfect tool to do calendar and personal information review for students in structured units as a work task, in LIFE Skills units to review, and any classroom where a predictable daily routine is important. Students can practice their calendar skills and personal information with lots of visual supports.

⭐What You'll Get⭐

This 20-page digital download includes:

  • The Month is… (12 visual response cards)
  • The Date is… (number response cards)
  • The Day is…. (7 visual response cards)
  • The Season is… (4 visual response cards: winter, spring, summer, fall)
  • The Weather is… (4 visual response cards: sunny, cloudy, rainy, windy)
  • The Temperature is (4 visual response cards: hot, warm, cool, cold)
  • What Color Clothes are you wearing… (12 visual responses each)
  • When is Your Birthday? (number response cards)
  • How Old Are You? (number response cards)
  • Spell Your First and Last Names (4 formats of letter icons available PLUS Editable page in Google Docs to Personalize)
  • What is Your Phone Number? (number response cards)
  • What is Your Address? (Editable Page via Google Docs to Personalize)


 Who Benefits from this Product 

  • Special Education Teachers
  • Teachers in Autism Units
  • Self-Contained Teachers with Students who have Disabilities
  • General Education Teachers Targeting Personal Information Skills

 ✔ If you are a teacher who works with students who have disabilities and you’re trying to build functional skills and target learning personal information, then this is for you! 



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