Grocery Store Vocational Work Task- Fruit in the Produce Section (DIGITAL DOWNLOAD)

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Work Tasks are a must have in Autism Units, Vocational Prep, and Occupational Training Classes because your students with disabilities need practical, real life work to build soft skills and meaningful work skills.

This Grocery Store Work Station is all about classifying items by type, by code using a visual reference sheet, order fulfillment by PLU, and labeling fruit items with the correct PLU.

Adapted Activities are essential in a LIFE Skills, Self-Contained, Special Ed or Autism Unit- This Vocational Task is the best kind of resource- a complete unit you can download, print, and start teaching with today!

This 19-Page Digital Download comes with:

  • 12 Fruit Types with 12 Icons Each (144 Fruit Icons Altogether)
  • 1 Full Color Reference Sheet with Each Fruit Item’s Name, PLU & Picture
  • 144 PLU “Stickers” with PLU Numbers for Labeling
  • 12 PLU Labels for Setting Up Classifying Activities
  • 12 Order Cards with 4 PLU Items Per Card
  • AND a Printing Guide with the 4 Variations of this Activity 

This activity is great to meet the needs of your Special Education students as well as transition standards in a way that is accessible and fun.


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