Soda Stocking - Work Tasks for Vocational Skills in Special Ed & LIFE Skills

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Vocational Training with this Soda Stocking Activity is the perfect addition to your work system or vocational prep class… and it allows your special education students to work on meaningful skills they can actually apply to a real job by stocking a vending machine or sorting products.

Exactly what you need to work on vocational training for students in Autism Units, Special Ed Classrooms or LIFE Skills!


This 40+ page activity includes:

  • 12 Different Soda Types
  • Formatted 4 to a Page giving you 48 Printable Sodas
  • Also formatted 36/page for smaller portable tasks
  • 2 Page Printable Template to use as a File Folder Activity
  • 40 Printable Order Cards with Visual Supports
  • 16 Blank Order Cards with Visual Supports for you to Customize!
  • Printable Written Labels for all Soda Types
  • 3 Different Inventory Forms with and without Visual Supports

 This is such a great activity for your students to not only practice categorizing items (sodas can be sorted by type, by color, or even by container type), but also practice a true vocational skill!