States of Matter- A Science Concept Adapted Book for Autism Units or Early Elem (DIGITAL DOWNLOAD)

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States of Matter- A Science Concept Adapted Book for Autism Units or Early Elementary!
Do you need a fun and easy way to work on science with students in an interactive way? Are you wanting meaningful work stations, centers, or task box items for students with Autism or in an early elementary classroom? This is the perfect resource to work on solids, liquids and gases as states of matter, which will meet your curriculum needs!
States of Matter provides students with the perfect interactive Science Center or small group assessment activity! It targets characteristics of different states of matter (solids, liquids, gas) and provides practice with classification.
This 9-page digital download activity will allow you to work with students on Science Concepts with:
-- 15 Book Pages
-- Includes 7 Pages of Story/Content with Descriptions & Examples of States of Matter
-- Includes 8 Pages of Comprehension with 2 Questions per Page
-- Includes 8 Full Color & 8 Text Based Visual Responses Icons (16 total)
-- Directions for Assembly
-- BONUS: Visual Icon Page to use while Referencing the Story
This activity is perfect for self-contained teachers, speech pathologists, or support staff!
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