Taco Truck Menu Math - Money Math Activities (DIFFERENTIATED) Special Ed Ready

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Make money math FUN with these 120 differentiated task cards and leveled menus for a Taco Food Truck! Give your math centers a spicy makeover and say goodbye to bland math worksheets. These task cards and leveled menus have dozens of combinations, making them perfect for supporting students with different skills and needs. Plus, with a taco theme, students will get a fresh appetite for learning!


⭐What You'll Get⭐:

Leveled Menus:

  • Level 1: All amounts rounded to the whole dollar, because who needs those pesky cents?
  • Level 2: All amounts end in 5 or 0, because math should have a sense of order, just like a taco lineup.
  • Level 3: All amounts mixed, because variety is the spice of mathematical life.


120 Printable Task Cards:

  • (16) Find the Price & Count Out to Pay: Single item searches for the perfect taco match.
  • (16) Find the Price, Add for Total: Two-item addition, because sometimes one taco just isn't enough.
  • (16) Making Change from Order: Single item subtraction – tacos out, change in.
  • (16) Making Change from Order: Two-step equation, add then subtract, because math loves a good taco twist.
  • (16) Calculating Total for Multiple People: Multiplication for feeding the whole fiesta.
  • (16) Finding How Many of an Items You Can Get Within a Budget: Division to keep the budget in check.
  • (8) Determining Greater Value: Single item values, because even tacos have a hierarchy.
  • (8) Determining Greater Value: Two-step equation, add then compare values – because not all tacos are created equal.
  • (8) Word Open-Ended Word Problems: Where mathematical creativity meets the artistry of tacos.


Teacher Tools:

  • Lesson Plan, Standards Alignment, IEP Goal Bank, Center Signage, Printable Money Manipulatives - everything you need to orchestrate a math and taco symphony.


 Student Tools:

  • Math Mats - laminate and use with a dry-erase marker OR print as a calculation worksheet... Either way, it's deliciously helpful.
  • (3) Student Answer Documents - because every math adventurer needs their toolkit.



  • (16) Coupons and Tax Cards - Make things harder and add rigor for gifted students or fast finishers. Spicy!
  • (8) Social Skills Problem Task Cards - extra toppings for an already loaded mathematical experience.


Bring the sizzle back to math class with the Taco Truck Math resource - because learning should always be as tasty as a well-seasoned taco!

✨ How will you add this spice to your classroom routine, or any specific requests to make this math and taco fiesta even more irresistible?




1st - 9th, Homeschool


Math, Special Education, Decimals


Activities, Printables, Task Cards




42 pages