Unplugged Coding: Princess. Adapted & Leveled Tech for SpEd and Autism Units (DIGITAL DOWNLOAD)

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Engage students with disabilities using these Unplugged Coding activities, which are already set up to support students with significant disabilities including Autism.
Easily differentiate your technology stations for students of all ability levels without having to do more work. Print, laminate (only if you really want to) and go!
What you'll get with this 25-page digital download of PRINCESS CASTLE: UNPLUGGED CODING:
  • Printable page of tangible ARROW manipulatives to code with
  • 2 Basic Level Coding Pages
  • 4 Mid-Level Coding Pages
  • 5 Upper Level Coding Pages
  • Printing Guide and Suggestions for Use
  • COLOR and B&W Versions… Choose what you love most!
With 11 pages of leveled coding activities and manipulatives to make them accessible, this unplugged technology will seriously save you oodles of time! #teacherwin
Who Benefits from this Product:
This product was specifically designed for teachers in Autism Units or Special Education classes who need to have technology tools that don’t require a computer or tablet PLUS offer a way for students to participate who cannot write or verbalize.
If you are supporting students like this, Unplugged Coding is for you. You will have 3 activities where students can demonstrate learning without a pen or pencil, but by using arrows to code and, even within those 3 activities, will have one that is heavily supported for those who are challenged with object matching and discrimination. Any of the mid and upper level activities can be done without writing, but offer space to do so if a student is able.
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