Visual Schedule featuring Boardmaker! Class & Personal Schedules for SpEd or Autism Units (DIGITAL DOWNLOAD)

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You need good visuals in your classroom and don’t have time to search for the right images yourself? No problem- this printable gives you excellent visuals for all your students with minimal prep for you! Start the year off right- this is a LIFESAVER with everything you need all put together in one spot!

Visual Schedules are so important for students with Autism and those with multiple profound disabilities. Knowing what is happening next and what they are doing that day can alleviate a lot of anxiety. Best Part… These use the Boardmaker icons your students are accustomed to- this schedule will work perfectly with your students!

Included in this 350-page printable are:

  1. Printable Icons in 4 Formats to Create Class or Student Schedules
  • 99 Icons Formatted Full Page
  • Icons Formatted 9 to a page (Single Icon & Mixed Icons)
  • Icons Formatted 18 to a page (Single Icon & Mixed Icons)
  • Icons Formatted 36 to a page for smaller/personal schedules (Mixed Icons)
  1. 2. Printable Personalized Schedule Templates: Just Laminate & add Velcro
  • Strip Style (12 pages/versions),
  • Flap Style (3 pages/versions), and
  • BONUS First-Then Templates (15 pages/versions)-
  1. 99 Schedule Icons Including
1:1 Time (computer), Art, Assembly, Bell Work, Break Time (3), Breakfast, Bus Time, Calendar Time, Calm Down Corner, Centers, Change Teachers, Check Schedule (2), Check with Teacher, Choir, Circle Time (2), Class Chore, Clinic, Computer Class, Computer Time, Cooking Class, Current Events, Daily Living, Desk Work, English, Field Trip, Free Draw, Free Time, Game Time, Grooming Check, G/T Time, Hygiene, Independent Station, Interventions, Jobs, Journal Time, Large Group, Library Time, Line Up, Listening Station, Lunch, Math, Morning Work, Movement Break, Music, Nap Time, Nurse, Outdoor Time, Pair-Share Time, Parent Pick-Up, Partner Work, PE/Gym, Play Time, Quiet Work, Read Aloud, Reading, Recess, RElax, Restroom, Science Class, Sensory Break, Sensory Time, Set Timer, Silent Reading, Small Group, Snack Time, Social Skills, Social Studies, Spanish Class, Special Event, Specials, Speech Therapist, Speech, STEM, Story Time, Tablet, Task Boxes, Teacher Meeting, Testing, Therapist, Think Time, Treasure Chest, Walking Break (2), Whiteboard Time (3), Word Work, Work (4), Work Bins, Writing, and Yoga Time

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Who Benefits from this Product:

If you are a teacher working in an Autism Unit or with Special Education students you will love this visual support since it adds structure to your classroom as well as much needed visual supports!

Read through your student's IEPs... if they call for visual schedules, first-thens, or visual supports, then this is just what you need!


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