Weather CUT & PASTE Word Work and Word Wall for Adapted for SpEd (Digital Download)

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Cut and Paste Worksheets make great centers and super sub plans... Plus this Weather Word Work and Word Wall have enough extra materials to use as an entire unit in SpEd. Differentiated and adapted specifically for secondary teachers looking for both simple and more complex language, this hits the spot! Start targeting 20 Weather related vocabulary words now with these printable cut and paste word work activities for older students in SpEd!

What You'll Get

This printable activity includes:

  • 20 Word Wall Cards (3 per page)
  • 20 Smaller Word & Definition Flash Cards (6 per page)
  • 2 Data Sheets (Whole Class and Student Specific)
  • 2 Word Fluency Strips with & without Visual Supports (4 in all)
  • 2 Cut, Paste & Trace Worksheets
  • 3 Cut, Match & Paste Worksheets with & without Visual Supports (6 in all)
  • 2 Cut, Spell & Paste Worksheets with & without Visual Supports (4 in all)
  • 2 Cut, Alphabetize & Paste Worksheets with & without Visual Supports (4 in all)
  • 2 Cut, Define & Paste Worksheets
  • 20 Task Cards (Find the Word based on the Definition)
  • 1 Student Vocab Sheet with Visuals

ALL Activities are available in Black & White AND Color WITH Teacher Tools in FULL COLOR. Check out the PREVIEW for MORE!

 PLUS The Option to Make File Folder Activities!

 This Cut & Paste Work Work is the perfect addition to your work system SpEd classroom because it's differentiated, targets high and low readers, and packs in tons of visual supports to give access to ALL!


Who Benefits from this Product:

If you are a teacher who is working in an Autism Unit with Special Education students you will love this activity since it is already differentiated for you!

* If you need some ready to go activities for your next sick day... then you need this pronto.

If you want word lists that work with secondary students BUT still have easier and harder words- that is my life and I made this for you!


Check out the PREVIEW file to see more about the printable… then purchase the full activity today and work smarter, not harder!


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